Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter Review

Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter Review


Last month, I went up to my nearest Nykaa store and picked up some really amazing products. Out of them, today I am going to review the most talked and hyped product nowadays and i.e. Maybelline master chrome highlighter which is in the shade molten gold. When it comes to my most favorite affordable makeup brands, then Maybelline takes the first place in them. Obviously, because Maybelline never put us down.

This highlighter has taken its place among one of the most amazing highlighters that famous bloggers are using nowadays. So, then I also decided to give it a try. I must say that it is one of the most gorgeous highlighters that I have tried at such an affordable price. So, now further wasting our time, let’s quickly jump into the review of this article.

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in the shade Molten Gold

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Maybelline New York presents the Master Chrome Metallic highlighter which claims to create a molten metal sheen envelope on your skin and that too effortlessly.  If you are looking for some secret product for that luminous and melted metallic glow on your face, then this Maybelline highlighter claims to be the one. This Maybelline highlighter consists of pearl pigments that provide a reflective finish for brilliant glowing skin.

Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter Review
Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter Review

PRICE & QUANTITY OF THE PRODUCT: This highlighter retails for Rs. 550 but you can always grab it on discount if you are purchasing it online. The quantity of this product is 6.7 gm.

AVAILABILITY: This highlighter is available in any of your nearest Maybelline stores. You can also purchase it online from Nykaa, Flipkart, and Amazon, etc.

PACKAGING: Packaging is the most important point that we look for in a product. This Maybelline Master Chrome highlighter comes in a black container which has got a transparent or clear lid on its top. On top of its clear lid, the product and the shade names are clearly mentioned. Also, it is see-through which makes it easier to identify the shade even by just looking at it. The pattern that is made on the highlighter makes it look more beautiful. The packaging is quite lightweight and travel-friendly.

The only drawback is I have to tell you in its packaging is that it does not contain any mirror. But according to the price tag and quality, you can definitely ignore this drawback.

Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter Review
Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter Review

SHADE AND PIGMENTATION: Maybelline Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter comes in two different shades i.e. The Molten Gold and Molten Rose Gold. I have with me the shade Molten Gold, so I will be reviewing it only. The tone of the shade that I have is warm golden which has got finely milled shimmery particles in it. The shimmers are a little noticeable once you apply it on your face to boost up your glow. This highlighter is not a common golden in its shade; it has got a deeper warmer tone to it which is going to be a perfect pick for tanned skin tone people.

The highlighter looks very subtle and natural-looking under the artificial light as well as sunlight. So, you can wear it in a day as well as night without giving a second thought. This quality makes it an amazing highlighter.

However, this highlighter will look good on any skin tone, but it will look perfect on the people with tanned skin tone. So, girls get ready to glow up your tanned skin with this highlighter. This highlighter might look a little deeper on the girls with fair skin tone. Otherwise, this highlighter is a perfect choice for everyone out there as it is superbly pigmented and you can get a perfect glow in just a few strokes.

TEXTURE: Talking about the texture of this highlighter, it has a really soft and buttery kind of texture which is really easy to blend in your skin. Also, it looks very lightweight in its texture. The Formula is amazing and it does not look greasy or patchy on your face. Moreover, it does not stick to the dry patches of your skin and does not clog your pores. So, all in all, it provides very smooth, flawless and even finishes to your skin.

SHELF LIFE: The shelf life of this product is 24 months once it is opened.

STAYING POWER: The staying power of this highlighter is really very long-lasting. The luminous glow that is given by this highlighter stays throughout the day on your face. It stays perfectly up to 8-9 hours. Though it is not needed, I use a setting spray after applying this highlighter. But if you want to skip this step, then it is perfectly okay because it has a really smooth and buttery texture already.


  • The packaging is lightweight and travel-friendly.
  • It is very affordable according to the quality you get.
  • The texture is very smooth and feels like you are applying butter on your skin.
  • This highlighter is super pigmented and you can get immense glow in just a few strokes only.
  • It feels very lightweight, non-greasy or non-patchy and non-powdery on your skin.
  • It provides very natural looking finish to the skin in daylight as well as night.
  • The glow stays about 8-9 hours.
  • The product does not contain any chunky shimmers, so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • It will suit almost every skin tone but is best for people with medium to dark skin tones.


  • The product does not contain any mirror with it, so you need to carry a separate mirror if you are traveling somewhere.
  • It Might look deep on the people with a very fair skin tone.

FINAL VERDICT: I am obsessed with the illuminating effect that this Chrome highlighter provides to my skin. This highlighter definitely gives competition to some of the high-end highlighters. So, if you are looking for a perfect highlighter in this affordable budget, then I would highly recommend this to you.

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