Livon Serum Review

Livon Serum Review


Do you have dry hair or really frizzy hair? Don’t worry because we always have a solution to every problem. Good hair serum can totally change your life. Besides using your regular shampoo and conditioner, there is always some extra care that your hair needs. Hair serum is all you need to provide your hair some extra care that they need. I have tried many serums but Livon hair serum is my current favorite.

I have been using Livon serum for about two months and I guess I am totally ready to review it for you all. It is considered one of the highly used serums in India. So, if you guys are interested to read my full review on this serum, then stay tuned.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Livon serum claims to instantly treat you frizzy and tangled hair, makes them silky and shiny and also protect them from breakage. The new Livon serum is enriched with vitamin E which is really a plus point.

PRICE: The Livon serum retails for Rs. 60 for 20ml of product, for Rs. 125 for 50ml of product and for Rs. 230 for 100ml of product. You can always get some offers on this product if you buy them online.

AVAILABILITY: The livon serum is easily available in stores or any of your nearby wholesale shops. You can also get it online on from the most famous shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa.

PACKAGING: The packaging of Livon hair serum is really attractive. It comes in a small sized transparent bottle. The cap of the bottle is pink in color which is really cute. The cap is a flip type’s cap which has a tiny hole in it so that you can take the product out of the bottle easily. The bottle comes in a cardboard box which contains all the information about the product like ingredients, price etc.

FRAGRANCE, COLOR, AND TEXTURE: The livon serum does contain some fragrance in it. It has a somewhat mild floral fragrance in it which is really amazing and not at all irritating. Talking about the color of this product, it has no color. The serum is transparent. Moving on to the texture of this product, it has a very lightweight texture which applies on to your hair very smoothly. The texture of this gel-like product is not sticky but after its usage, you will need to wash your hands off.

HOW TO USE LIVON SERUM AFTER WASHING YOUR HAIR: getting a salon like finish for your hair is just so simple with this product. Use the following steps to get a salon like finish at home.

  • First of all, you need to gently dry out your hair with a towel until they become slightly damped.
  • Now pump out few a drops of Livon serum in your palm, and rub it on your hair gently. If your hair still seems to be dry, then you can go for some more drops.
  • If your hair is really thick and long, then split them into two halves and then start applying serum starting from the middle. This is just to distribute your serum evenly on your hair.
  • Dab whatever is left in your palm on your head to cut off your frizzy hair.

MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH LIVON SERUM: I have really dry hair, and I am always in a hunt to provide my hair something that is really moisturizing. I used Livon serum a decade ago but that time I wasn’t really impressed by it. But then I figured out that a lot of people are raving about Livon serum. So, I again went to the shop and bought it again to give it another try. And hats off, it really impressed me this time. I think Livon has improved its formula from the previous one. It is enriched with Vitamin E and really helped me in getting a solution for my dry hair.

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I always apply this serum after I wash my hair with shampoo. As my hair is not so long, so 3-4 drops of this serum is enough for my hair. It really helps me in transforming my frizzy and tangled hair. It gives my hair a perfect shine that I always wanted. My hair is also little rough, but after applying it my hair just becomes really smooth and silky. Using this serum on your daily basis is not a got idea as it can build up in your hair. So do use it after some intervals to avoid it building up in your hair.


  • The packaging is really cute and travel-friendly.
  • The texture of this serum is really lightweight and you don’t feel anything heavy on your hair.
  • Provide perfect shine and silkiness to your hair.
  • The Effect of this serum last for a really long period of time.
  • Treats frizzy and tangled hair really easily.
  • It has got a very mild fragrance in it which is really pleasant.
  • The Livon hair serum is easily available on any of your nearby stores.
  • The serum is also really affordable, so you don’t really have to worry about your budget.
  • You can easily get rid of dullness in your hair with this serum as it provides a perfect glossy boost to your hair.


  • If you will use this product in your hair daily, then it will build up on your hair. So you really do need to take care of this thing.
  • It is a silicone-based product which is its major drawback.

MY FINAL VERDICT: Comparing to cons of this product, we have more of its advantages. So, I will highly recommend this product to all you ladies who are so busy in their daily routine and hardly get time to go to the salon. You can easily get Salon like finish just by using this affordable serum at your home. Go for it girls.

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