Flintobox Review

Flintobox Review

If you are an ambitious parent and if you want your kid to develop different kinds of skills, then you might end up searching for different skill-developing activities on Google or YouTube. If that is the scenario, then the Flinto box is the solution for your hunt.

What is Flintobox?

Flintobox is an international award-winning activity box for kids. It contains different activities for kids of different age groups. The activity focuses on various development areas. If used in the correct way, this amazing educational box keeps your kids engaged for longer duration and helps them to learn and gain practical knowledge in different areas. Every month has different themes, and hence kids won’t get bored repeating the same activity.

Parents or guardian has to spend some time with kids when they are engaged in activities so that you can make sure that the provided items are used correctly. I recommend spending time to avoid confusion; because kids have the tendency of opening everything and mixing it up.

Flintobox Review
Flintobox Review

Flintobox Review

Below mentioned are the things I like about Flintobox:

  • The material used is safe and is of good quality.
  • This powerful educational activity box keeps kids engaged and helps in avoiding screen time (TV or mobiles or tabs).
  • Kids are so fond of this amazing activity box.
  • Flintobox helps kids to learn different concepts in a fun way and it helps in enhancing their knowledge.
  • For art-related activities, they have provided aprons and mats to avoid a mess.
  • They also provide bags to store activity-related materials.
  • This exceptionally innovative and educational box brings the best out of your kid/s.
  • It helps in developing imagination, like communication skills, logic skills, and motor skills.
  • Video tutorials and worksheet provided by Flinto is too good and is very helpful.
  • Flintobox activities help in enhancing a child’s mind in a positive way and it also improves their thought process.
  • Every activity is different from the other. (Make sure you place the order using same mail ID so that the activities sent to you is different and unique).
  • They have activities for kids from 2 to 12 years of age. Keeping the age group in mind, the activities are designed as per the need of the age.
  • This excellent activity box contains toys, colorful objects, jigsaw puzzle, and many more.
  • Flintobox activities are theme-based. Example: Rainbow colors, mathematics, nature, animals, flowers, good habits, etc for younger kids and activities based on optics, magnetism, electricity, etc for older kids.
  • A single box can engage more than one kid.
  • This extremely useful and informative activity box can be used N – number of times.
  • You can spend quality time with your kids by teaching them and having fun while doing activities.

Magic crate vs Flintobox:

  • Magic crate is also a learning kit for kids. This activity box contains several theme-based activities like Flintobox.
  • The magic crate activity box comes with 4 exciting and learning-based activities.
  • Magic crate activities are theme-based for children from 1 year to 12 years.
  • These activities enhance Childs thinking capability and help in upgrading their knowledge.
  • Magic crate is developed for the overall growth of the children.
  • If we compare the price, Flintobox is 500 to 1000 rupees on a higher side than a magic crate.
  • But Flintobox is designed by consulting and taking opinions of the child psychologists.
  • Both the boxes keep your child engaged.
  • Magic crate is more subject-oriented.
  • Flintobox focuses on the overall growth of the child.
  • Flintobox has better themes when compared to the magic crates.

Einstein box vs Flintobox:

  • Einstein box helps the kids to learn and grow.
  • The box helps your kid to find the solutions to the queries through several activities.
  • There are multiple subscriptions available for your kids.
  • Flintobox comes with 5 activities, whereas the Einstein box comes up with only 3 activities.
  • Einstein box is for kids above 15 months of age.
  • Einstein box contains two books apart from the activities.

Various payment options are available to subscribe to Flintobox. You get huge discounts while making a purchase. They offer you a 100% refund if you don’t like the activities of Flintobox. You can even cancel the subscription whenever you want.

Flintobox reviews are way stronger and more positive than other activity boxes. I truly loved their concepts and themes. Based on my personal experience I strongly recommend the incredible Flintobox!

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